Adult Swim

Hello Everyone,

There has been much discussion about an adult swim time for the neighborhood pool. We understand the desire to have some adult pool time, but we must be fair to all due paying members and hold a vote prior to excluding anyone from the pool. We would be happy to provide resources to a resident run “Adult Swim” committee. The committee would need to get votes from 2/3 of eligible, due paying residents. If you are interested in heading up this committee and obtaining the votes, I would be happy to discuss the process of this in further detail.

Whoever would like to head this committee, please email or call me at 405-695-1549.

You will need to have the desired day(s) of the week and times planned out prior to obtaining votes so that the amended rule can be written into the pool rules agreement. Having an adult swim does not mean that adults can do whatever they want and not follow rules.

Additionally, it is concerning to us that while everyone wants an adult swim day, very few people are participating in actually cleaning the pool/clubhouse. Please remember that cleaning the clubhouse, cleaning the pool, landscaping, and fountain maintenance are all done by your fellow adult neighbors who are volunteering their time. They would love to have some assistance to help reduce the burden that they have taken on to help our community expenses.

Thank you and have a great day!

Sara Greenhaw, HOA President