Pool House Cleaning

Please remember to clean up after yourselves and your children while at the pool. It was brought to our attention that the facilities needed extra attention and no one notified us until a few days after it was initially observed. If you see something, say something, or even do something! Please.

Bridget and I cannot be at the pool everyday picking up after everyone. This is a community and we need community involvement. I have created and shared the link to our signup.com website to sign up for pool house cleaning and am sad to say, this year started off slow, opposed to last year. I am hopeful that everyone will understand the need for community involvement. It is the duty of the HOA to use Association Assessments to promote the recreation, health, safety, and welfare of the residents in the “Properties.” If we are unable to maintain the community property as a community, we will need to hire an outside individual to clean the pool house. The extra expense of this would not allow us to maintain the “Properties” under the conditions of the current annual assessed rate. The Board would have to consider increasing the association dues by the annual allowable 10%, for the 2019 year. We do not wish to raise dues, we were able to keep the 2018 dues the same as the 2017 dues and we take pride in this accomplishment. More community involvement will help prevent this possibility.

Please sign up for a cleaning spot, or several! We appreciate you!