Dues & Fees

Every homeowner is a member of the HOA and the payment of annual dues is not optional. The annual dues currently are $300 a year and are due on Jan. 30th each year. Please contact the HOA for accurate due rates outside the current year.

An 18%  penalty is accrued on any late payment.

Payment directions are on your statement  click here to go to Neighborhoods plus, as of August 1st, Neighborhoods plus has changed our payment platform to Town Square, If you are needing to pay your dues and do not have a new account number please let us know and we can forward your information to the Management Company.

Prorated dues for the current year will be collected by the title company at closing, and those with a closing date toward the end of the year may have had the next year’s dues collected also. This information should be listed in the breakdown of fees in your closing documents.

Should dues not be paid in full the HOA will begin the necessary legal process to collect all past-due amounts from those residents that have not paid. This could include, but is not limited to, filings within Small Claims Court or foreclosure proceedings.

We want to work with those that might be experiencing a difficulty in paying. Please contact the HOA immediately if you feel you might be in this situation.

Our annual dues help us pay for the things that make our neighborhood better and a safer
place to live.