Neighborhood Watch

Canterbury has an active neighborhood watch program. All residents are encouraged to be vigulent at all times and report suspicious activity immediately to the police. We conduct random patrols at all hours of the day.

Timed Porch Lights

A well-lit neighborhood is a big crime deterrent. For those interested in automatic timers for outdoor lights, the timer and faceplate can be purchased at most hardware stores for around $25. Dusk-Till-Dawn sensors that screw into light bulbs are another option, but may not work on lights with frosted glass, enclosed fixtures, or porch lights out of direct sunlight. They can be purchased at hardware stores for around $10 per bulb.



Garage Security
Adding a zip tie or lock to your garage door release will prevent burglars from being able to manually open your garage door from the outside. Using the lock button on the wall switch will also disable the use of remotes and prevent opening if the remote code is stolen.